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$10 for 10+ Years of Minty

During this Minty month of May, we are conducting our biggest online fundraising effort as a lead up to the 2022 Minty Awards. For over a decade, we have been blessed to donate over $100,000 back to our participating High Schools, and we are looking to make this year's Ceremony the biggest and best yet.

We hope that this fundraiser can cover our costs for the Ceremony to ensure all our participating schools once again receive a monetary donation. This year we are asking all members of our Minty family to help give back by donating $10 and recruiting nine family and friends to make a total alumni donation of $100.

Over the last decade, we have had the absolute honor of working with the most outstanding and talented students. We began the Minty Awards with the hopes of starting a tradition which honors the sacrifice and dedication of Catholic High School students in dramatic arts programs. It was our belief that these students and their schools provide excellent examples of self-discipline, teamwork, and faith, and we should celebrate their efforts and achievements. And we look forward to celebrating their achievements on June 5 as we begin our second decade.

Thank you for meeting us at The Mintys!

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