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Audition Workshops


The Minty Organization's Audition Workshops is designed to help high school juniors and seniors prepare for their College Auditions. 


Attend our day long intensive workshops and learn from students and faculty members on what it takes to ace the big audition and gain admittance to your dream school's program.


Students will also be treated to conversations with students of the nationally ranked Wagner College Theatre regarding the College Audition process.


The Minty Organization's Audition Workshops is co-sponsored by Wagner College and Council Member David M. Carr.


Next Audition Workshop: October 22, 2022

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Wagner College, Main Hall B5

Cost: FREE

Co-Sponsors: Wagner College & Council Member David M. Carr

Monologue Selection



Choosing the Right Song



Learning the Basic Steps



If you already have a monologue and/or song you have been working on, bring it to the workshop and you may be chosen to work on your piece with our professional instructors. Since it is impossible for each student to work individually with our instructors that day, our experieneced instructors will offer overview advice and tips on how to succeed on your audition day. Instructors will conduct a Q&A session with all students available, answering your questions on how to make the most of your audition process. Selected students will be chosen to perform their work for the instructor, in front of the other students, and receive helpful criticism from the instructor on how to perfect it for auditon day. 

Meet our Faculty!


Michele Pawk


Dr. Lauri Young

Musical Theatre


Emma Pittman


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